For as long as I can remember I've been interested in cameras and photography. I took endless rolls of film of mostly terrible photographs as a child with fixed lens 110 and 135 compact cameras, but it was spending 3 years attending classes and exhibiting at Gray's School of Art in Aberdeen that really kick started my interest in using manual film cameras and traditional darkroom techniques. Since then I pick and chose between traditional and modern processing depending upon the end result I am looking for.

For me, the challenge and fun of photography is visiting a place that many people will be familiar with and finding a way to present a personal interpretation of that place at a particular moment in time.

I am fascinated by how people interact with the world around us, how the buildings we create and indeed our mere presence in a particular place changes and enhances the natural landscape. I am lucky that, living in Scotland, I have an almost infinite choice of stunningly beautiful locations to explore this interest. My work tends to centre on the east coast but I will try to find something of interest wherever I can.

I've exhibited across Scotland in such locations as the Lighthouse Centre in Glasgow, RGU and Peacock's Visual Arts in Aberdeen and I held my first month long solo exhibition at ACT Aberdeen in the summer of 2014. I pop up at art fairs from time to time and details of these can usually be found on facebook or on the news page. Most years I produce a charity Christmas calendar raising money for good causes such as Deafblind Scotland and the ARCHIE foundation.

I use Canon cameras for digital and a wide range of 35mm and medium format film cameras. My favourites include a Zero Image pinhole camera, a Yashica 124G TLR medium format camera and a Praktica BX20 for 35mm.

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